Pure Malt Cleansing Foam

NET 150ml

Pure Malt Cleansing Foam image

Cleansing foam made from natural malt.
It feels like cleansing your face with serum.

The smooth foam contains a major ingredient: Malt goes deep into pores and removes dirt, overproduced oil and make-up while keeping moisture in your skin.

Lotion Collage

NET 200ml/700ml

Lotion Collage image

Moisture Lotion made from natural plant.
Plant collagen effectively moisturizes your skin.
It conditions, whitens and makes your skin healthy.

Yeast C White Plus

NET 30ml/100ml

Yeast C White Plus image

Containing beer yeast + sustained vitamin C 5%.
Recently found whitening ability of beer yeast + special formula sustained vitamin C in a serum.
Plenty of nutrients, B-complex vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and fiber etc..., gives your skin energy and increases whitening ability.

Phyto Collagen

NET 30ml/100ml

Phyto Collagen image

Natural plant collagen - like concentrate serum 100%.
Double moisturizing effect from both surface and under the skin gently improves the skin, which is damaged and weakened by UV, aging and stress.

Phyto Placen

NET 30ml/100ml

Phyto Placen image

Natural plant placenta - like concentrate serum 100%.

Moisturizing, whitening and cell activation action of extraction elements from plant helps improvement of wrinkles, skin disorders, flecks, dullness, anti-aging and so on.

Massage Cream

NET 250g *Only for professional use

Massage Cream image

Non animal components, contains only plant components effective on skin.
2 way type can be used for both washing and wiping.
This cream has 2 functions : cleansing and massaging.
Smooth touch cream reduces damage to skin and enables long massages.

You can also have aromatherapy effects with Lavender oil.

CO2 Amino Sheet

NET 6 Sheets and 1 Bottle (120ml)

CO2 Amino Sheet image

Feel sparkling bubbles on your skin!
CO2 Amino Sheet is a brand new idea to make CO2 on your skin.
CO2 makes deadskin softer and easy to peel off.
Sparkling bubbles make inactive skin active by comfortable stimuli.
It gives skin the power to absorb beauty components into your skin.

CO2 contains plenty of beauty components. "Cleansing" → "Rejuvenation"steps help you to absorb it.