Shampoo & Conditioner LR ( Lavender & Rosemary )

NET 400ml e.a

Shampoo & Conditioner LR  image

Containing essential Lavender and Rosemary oils.
Fresh and floral aroma makes you feel refreshed.
Improves troubles on your scalp, with dandruff, and helps balance sebum secretion and stimulates hair growth.

Cleansing Soap

NET 180ml

Cleansing Soap image

Removes make-up and dirt on your skin.
Smooth foaming gently makes your skin feel soft and conditioned.
Slightly sweet aroma makes you feel relaxed.

Cleansing Gel

NET 100g/ 550g

Cleansing Gel image

Cleansing Gel for all skin types.
Excellent cleansing power to remove pore-clogging make-up and dirt while keeping your skin moisturized and gently toning your skin.

Lotion ND (Normal-Dry)

NET 180ml/700ml

Lotion ND image

Toning lotion for dry skin ∼ normal skin type.
Keeps your skin moisturized with calming elegant aroma.

Lotion SO (Sensitive-Oily)

NET 180ml

Lotion SO image

Toning lotion for sensitive skin, oily skin and acne skin types.
Makes your skin clean and refreshed with refreshing aroma.

Treatment Cream H / Healing

NET 60g/250g

Treatment Cream H image

Treatment Cream for Day and Night use.
Nourishes your skin and keeps it moisturized and smooth.
Deep and gentle aroma relieves tension and makes you relaxed.

Moist Pack A.A/ Anti-aging

NET 100g/240g

Moist Pack A.A image

Excellent pack to improve wrinkles and sagging of aged skin.
This pack contains three major elements: Hyaluronan, Collagen and Elastin and keeps your skin moisturized.

Massage Oil

NET 250ml *only for professional use

Massage Oil image

Facial Massage Oil based on Jojoba oil and Squalene.
Containing Rose, Orange Flower, Rosewood, Irang-Irang, Geranium, Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oil.
Suitable for all ages and all skin types.